My mission is to empower you to use your breath and brain to transform blinding sensation and unimaginable physical or mental discomfort into powerful, positive motivation for creative change.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork involves carefully calibrating human breathing patterns to achieve desired peak mental and biological states. Since every human thought and action has a corresponding automatic breathing pattern or sequence, by tuning the breath you can reverse engineer desired brain states and unlock unimaginable potential.

From rapidly unpacking trauma and recovering from severe chronic pain, to tuning peak performers in the boardroom or refocusing on the final play of the big game, breathwork is rapidly changing the way the game gets played.

The formula is simple. We use our breath to heal our mind. We use our breath and our mind to heal our body and we use the breath the mind and the body to heal the spirit. Breathwork is the glue that ties your mind/body/spirit awareness together. It’s like taking the yoga studio with you everywhere you go!

Breathwork has come a long way since its humble eastern philosophical and then western hippie roots in the 1960s. Currently employed by Tony Robbins, Fortune 100 CEOs and elite athletes and warriors—breathwork is the master key that opens every locked storehouse of power, focus and love required to change your world…on command.

Sage Rader Bio:

Sage Rader is a creative force of nature. Raised playing the violin, writing poetry, singing and performing all over the world, Sage has been featured on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK), Sirius/XM and on the big screen at the Sundance Film Festival.

At the height of his success, Sage found himself empty and disillusioned. The business of entertainment had decimated his love of creativity. He hung up his hat and tried to retire to the mountains of New Mexico—a very bad decision that nearly cost him his life (see the Pneumanta founder’s story).

After nearly a decade off the grid and out of the cultural loop, Sage has returned to the stage with his best work yet, on a mission to teach others how to heal as he has. Currently studying with the world’s foremost breath expert Dan Brulé, Sage is combining the art and science of breathwork with two decades of experience on TV, film, radio and the live stage, to create an entirely new way of working with breath as an entertaining, powerfully transformative experience with scientifically proven health benefits.

With the current opioid crisis still raging, driven by a pain epidemic that is being caused in large part by a loneliness epidemic, Sage is uniquely gifted and qualified to share powerful solutions to our common problem based on his near fatal experience in the heartland of today’s America. 

His mission is to inspire with a survivor story and universal message of hope and healing in a time of great division and despair.

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