This is part of a series of videos from last fall leading up to and following after my surgery to fix a botched c5/c6 cervical fusion in my neck. I told you I’d let you see me on terrible days and this was sure one of them. I was feeling the flu coming on and had to crush it before it took hold and ruined my ability to have the surgery.

Glutathione is one of the most important tools in staying healthy. It reduces inflammation, helps reduce my body’s toxic load from years of pills and other junk in my system and most importantly CLEARS MY LUNGS of nasty things that make it easy for sickness to take hold.

I use a series of breathing methods I’ve observed over the years to bring the glutathione deep into my system. It’s not for everyone but if you’re sick of being sick then you might find it useful for your own health too! By reducing inflammation in the body, glutathione also helps with my other chronic discomfort otherwise known as pain.