Every day in America people live and die in incredible pain. The only epidemic in our country bigger than the opioid epidemic is the PAIN epidemic that drives it.

The cost to businesses, homes, families and personal lives is beyond estimation.

We pay for healthcare after we pay for insurance until we run out of money, until there are no more doctors who can help, until friends and family give up on us or until we give up on ourselves and die.

All day, every day.

We pay for alternative therapy, spiritual healers and second opinions. We try prayer. We try vitamins. We try this other thing we heard from a concerned friend to shut them up about it. We try anything to make it stop.

We crave relief. And nobody seems able to help us.

Rinse and repeat.

To fight a pain epidemic, we are
going to need a new culture.

We need a DIY, bottom up, punk rock meets folk art culture for healing.


We need a culture of science made easy to understand and peer support to apply it.


We need a culture of ‘each one, reach one.’


We need a culture of one brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, father, mother, lover at a time getting the tools they need to take their life back and thrive again.


Pneumanta was born from the same kind of trauma and injury that happens to so many of us while we are busy just living our lives. What do you do when it happens to you? Where do you go?

We are building a community of people who have found a way of thriving with chronic sensation otherwise known as pain. We are working with doctors, research scientists, inventors and geniuses of all varieties. We are also working with yogis, personal trainers, meditation and breathing coaches.

We believe in Spirituality as a core concept not a placebo or optional add-on to healing.

We like it when the rubber actually meets the road for a change. We find healing in being useful to others.

We have survived the worst and found the best in modern allopathic medicine, added a dash of the latest scientific research, some fancy ‘functional’ medicine and then mixed in just a little bit of “woo-woo” (including eastern medicine and ancient healing methods) along the way.

We believe that current science guided by personal research and responsibility makes for better decisions.

We are birthing a movement into being with everyday rituals, habits and practices that we can all take and make our own that give us HOPE.

We are sculpting a culture of radical personal responsibility
for our own lives, decisions and healing…one breath at a time.

We are using music that is freely available to create a container for pain.


We believe that the imagination is vital to recovery.


We believe in the difference between Oxytocin and Oxycontin.


We also use fancy toys used by the NFL, Office of Naval Research, and elite athletes worldwide to heal quicker and reduce inflammation in the body…but that’s a whole other story for another time.


We invite you to join us as we co-create the relief we crave!