3 scheduled flights, 6 delays, 1 cancellation and 2 lost then found bags later I am once again SITTING which seems to me to be the bane of modern humanity's existence. 

Sitting in airports between bouts of joints and bones swelling and shrinking with the extremes of altitude is maybe my least favorite activity. If you can call sitting an activity.

Sitting for almost 24 hours with my kind of chronic discomfort is like running a three legged Spartan race uphill crawling on broken glass.

Publicly at least I'm not able to roll around on my balls, breathe, stretch and move in such a way that would really dismantle my unpleasant sensation. Last night in my hotel was another story but for the past 5 hours I've been sitting next to other people who just wouldn't understand.

Some of them I'm convinced would say that they "saw something" and report me for being unsightly in public.

I'm almost in enough discomfort to not care what people think of my up/down dog and yogi squat. If this plane gets delayed one more time, so help me I'm doin' it!

Stress and irritation increase pain. Duh.

Air travel in contemporary American is nothing but stress and irritation unless you fly private and I don't got it like that so I'm just another bozo on the bus waiting for a bus which is waiting on another bus that may or may not even show up. STRESS AND IRRITATION...

...The guy just now announcing some new change to our travel plans in an accent so thick that even I who translate exceptionally well have no clue what he just said...STRESS AND IRRITATION.

I am prompted to post because my friend just texted me "meditate". Not that I need the reminder that breath and mindful participation in my own circumstance will bring relief from my over the top sensation. But it was nice nonetheless. My point is that I get to practice this daily no matter what.

So I closed my eyes and began to follow my breath. Not 2 minutes in, my desire to swallow every pill in my carry-on subsided. Amazing how that works.

It's not that I'm not hurting. It's that I'm riding the hurt not the other way round. 

Stuck in another airport, no sleep, going on 24 hours for what should have been a short cross country hop, trapped in a place with poor nutrition and cramped quarters...and this stuff works. Seriously.

Breathing into discomfort and practicing gratitude for all that free oxygen...are the new Oxy and Flexoril for failed fusions and muscle spasms.

Not very glam I know, but it's my first "on the road" post and I just want you all to know that I'm thinking of you and breathing for both of us. I'm practicing what I preach and it's working for me.

Try it based on the information shared in my other posts and you'll see.

I'm right beside you all the way!