This experiment in going across the country, sleeping in odd places at odd hours and making a record for people in pain to listen to without the use of opioids with a failed neck fusion (3mm of travel between C5/C6), turned out better than expected!

I flew with none of my pain pills. Fine—it hurt but I was able to breathe and meditate my way through. The night after I landed I needed a half of a pill. The next day I needed another half. The rest of the time I was able to play my violin for hours with a bone on bone knuckle, run around making a documentary on the process with my bless-ed neck bones grinding and fighting a chest infection--using all of the technologies, home remedies and methods I talk about on my website.

This was shot on the day after the Las Vegas shooting so I’m a little somber. Please still give someone you love a hug. We all need a little extra love these days. I’m not kidding when I tell you "I’m right beside you all the way!” Sometimes it hurst so bad I curl up in a ball and cry but it beats shoving pills into my face and laying in bed for a year—I’ve got it made!