I went to LA to make a record and thought I could take a vacation from not eating snacks by eating ‘healthy snacks’ as in organic junk food or fried veggie chips etc…WRONG!

I also discovered that having Leaky Gut is a serious condition and I have since this video made huge strides in getting my very restrictive elimination diet under control and put in place. I feel so much better and owe my friend Judita a huge debt of gratitude for waking me up.

I’m definitely on a journey and am NO HEALTH GURU. Just a guy with more than his fair share of chronic inflammation, genetic jackassery, and unruly chronic sensation that i manage without the daily or routine use of opioid medication that my pain doctor prescribes.

Leaky gut is on the mend and I will get into the various means I am using to heal my intestinal wall so I can go back to eating healthy grains again! I miss carbs.