Our country needs healing more than ever. We can’t heal corporately until we have made the tough decision to heal individually. I often say that healing is more painful than the original injury in my experience and you have to be willing to BITE DOWN HARD and ‘gidder dun’ so to speak.

I’m hopeful that using frequency and resolution and harmony as guiding principles that we can begin to see each other as notes in a grand human symphony and start to create a piece of music collectively that anyone actually wants to listen to. Right now it’s more like garbage can lids banging on screeching cats while blenders grind up nails with aging turds for dinner. We need a new song to sing.

We need something beautiful to pull us through this phase of social evolution. We need to listen and learn when to let our sounds shine through, when to blend, and when to serve someone else’s sound! Our job is to heal and help others to find their healing…period. I don’t like this sometimes but when I think of it in musical terms, even I can muster up the love to give to someone who rubs me like a cheese grater.

I hope this is helpful to you!