I like to charge any place I’m going to make art with a spiritual vibe before anything else happens. My usual go-to in this regard is a Bach, Bach and more Bach. Something about the notes and what they do to my spirit is consistently mind boggling to me.

I share this clip mostly because it was the exact moment that I got the idea to use the tattered old roadside gas station flag Matt had hanging in his studio as the centerpiece backdrop for everything we recorded.

The flag means a lot of things to a lot of people nowadays and I’m not going to wade face-first into any controversy. I’m simply going to reiterate that I love my country and while I don’t like much of what I see today, I’m not ready to pack it in and give it up for dead.

I invite you to engage your passions today in the pursuit of besting your chronic pain and making our nation a healthier, happier, more righteous place to live at the same time. PAIN IS A MOTIVATOR. What will your pain motivate you to do today?