From the moment I met FaithEE, I recognized something in her that I hadn’t seen in anyone else in years. I saw someone else who understood what it took to break through blinding pain to even get out of bed in the morning in the same way that I did.  

She was doing her journey with Spina Bifida and a bunch of resulting excruciating conditions completely opioid free.

FaithEE was showing up for an amount of life that would exhaust a completely healthy person and I recognized the occasional deep scowl that came when the pain momentarily got the best of her.

I also observed something else that I recognized deeply within myself.

I saw how lonely she was.

FaithEE was functioning as normal while in incredible pain but there wasn’t a support network to catch her when she needed practical advice on dealing with her pain—based on dealing with it themselves!

I know because I’ve needed one since my own injury 4 years ago and there hasn’t been one to be found… 

Simply, my story is this…

I was alone in bed on prescription opioids with a botched neck fusion for an entire year. I gained over 100lbs, lost my ability to function or work normally. I lost my friends, my job, my humanity, and then finally my sanity. 

I was by myself all day every day. I watched people get on with things and little by little life moved on without me until I was no longer recognizable as the person I used to be and I was as good as dead.

I once asked my worker’s comp medical case manager if there was help in getting back to life after 18 months out of the workforce and mostly alone in bed. Her response to me was “Like what?”


I barely made it back from the dead…and on my way back I made myself a promise: 

To find someone else who had the same fight I did, and give them a chance that I didn’t have—to find a battle buddy in the daily fight to thrive with chronic pain without using opioids all day every day.

FaithEE is my battle buddy and we have worked together for almost a year now, supporting each other in our personal journeys with conditions that cause us extreme sensation that most people call pain.

We’re teaming up now to start My Other’s Keeper — our free community for people like us to share the friendship and bond that we have forged with anyone who wants it and is willing to do the work with us…

I’ve fought every day to survive the loneliness that comes with chronic pain and now I’m building a movement so you don’t have to do it alone!

When you’ve lost everything remotely “normal” about yourself and your life because of chronic pain, there is no place left to relate to others and you slip between the cracks. You become lonely and isolated, the pain throws your brain into a frenzy and the drugs leave you floating in a useless sea of dulled perception of reality. As things progress, “normal” completely fades.

Don’t let chronic pain leave you isolated and without a place to belong.

Be a part of building a movement to deal with our unreal pain without sucking down opioids all day every day. Finding solutions—side by side with others in pain. 

Join My Other’s Keeper now—it’s easy and it’s completely FREE. 

 FaithEE and I will be there to welcome and work with you to build a platform where we can share common solutions to our common problems.

If you’re in pain and you’re alone, remember we are doing this with you—right beside you all the way!