Sage Rader — Founder of Pneumanta

I started Pneumanta to share the daily practices, rituals and process of discovery that help me live my life with a failed fusion in my neck and piles of other chronic conditions—all of which cause almost unreal discomfort—every. single. day.

I want to share the hope I have found that allows me to process my pain without the daily use of narcotic pain medication. I barely take anything. EVER. And I live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

My whole life I’ve lived with a series of chronic conditions that doctors have told me are reasons to quit. I’m not kidding. I had one doctor tell me “If your genetic make-up was a poker hand, I’d fold.” I was 19.

That was before I severely broke my hand and had it surgically rebuilt, had 3 hernia repair surgeries, and suffered a broken neck and back AND the botched cervical fusion surgery that came after that. I spent a year in bed. I nearly overdosed.

I had very little help and only my friend Moose to support me…SO I DID IT MOSTLY BY MYSELF in front of my doctors, determined that no one should ever have to do it alone again if I can help it.

Before my neck and back injury, I traveled the globe, wrote a book, recorded several records, toured with a one man show, was featured on radio, TV and in films. I have led the most jam-packed, edge of your seat, wild ride of a life you can imagine—all of it while managing every single condition that was supposed to keep me from crushing it!

I still live with a level of discomfort that should technically keep me curled up fetal under my bed but I have found a way to process those signals in my body to turn my pain into something really useful and comforting…inspirational even!

Just ask Moose. He’s seen it all.

Now that I’m back from the dead, I plan on living no less exciting a life while helping others find their way through pain to something better.

Join me as I find and practice solutions to help us all thrive with incredible discomfort and maybe even lessen some of it while we build community to support each other.  Because if I learned anything over the past 3 years, it is this…

If we don’t help us…no one will.